Simulated Game shooting

GSI Sporting offer simulated game shooting at two locations in the South West or we can run a day at your location.  Irrespective of what sort of land we are on, we will make the very most of the topography to replicate how a partridge or pheasant will present itself.



Whether you are a true game shot looking for a closed season/pre-season practice or a clay shot looking for a new challenge, our simulated game shooting days and packages tick all the boxes.


We use our Automatic game trailers, to show high driven birds, long crossers to flat, fast partridge and curling birds, you will get to have a shot at them all.  Expect to fire between 250-600 cartridges throughout the course of one our simulated days. Most days include 4 drives and a minimum of 5000 clays based on 16 guns along with refreshments and after shoot meal.


With many years of experience within the clay and game shooting we guarantee simulated game shooting at its very best.



To discuss any personal requirements, or for more information please contact us

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