On The Peg - Instructor Loaders

GSI Sporting offer a Game Shooting Service to clients on shoot days, for loading, mentoring and 'On the Peg' instructing nationwide.


We can provide individuals or full teams of qualified & experienced APSI Instructors and Loaders.  


Having someone at your peg that has knowledge and understanding of the skills and techniques of successful game shooting is a huge advantage and one that really makes a difference on a game day.  No matter how experienced a shot you may be, having an instructor for the day soon rectifies any bad shooting habits you may have developed.


Our APSI instructors are also happy to mentor / accompany novice clients on shoot days to provide peace of mind making you feeling safer, more confident, and relaxed.  Having a dedicated instructor provides peace of mind and can improve overall enjoyment of your day.


On the peg instruction is available through the game season From £150 per day.


If you are looking to make the most of your game day we will

happily provide you with an experienced, qualified and insured loader, from £100 per day.  All loaders have NGO or LANTRA loaders certificates.


If required, you can be driven door to door to allow you to partake in the traditions of the day.


To discuss any personal requirements, or for more information please contact us

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